“Dear Rick,

As you know when I first came to see you I had been through a revolving door of at least seven doctors and “so called” specialists without a solid diagnosis, and no answers after a car wreck I’d had several months earlier . I thank God for one caring doctor that gave me your name. I am open-minded but I admit I was also skeptical to go to a Hypnotherapist. I decided – why not try it. I have nothing to lose. At the point of my first session with you, I had lost all hope. My physical pain, stiffness and other symptoms were unbearable and unrelenting. My hope had faded after months of no answers, and I was having severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks that made my world a living nightmare. I knew I could not and would not live my life that way. I told my family that this was my last hope, and I’ll know if it’s the real thing or not. After my first session with you, I told my family, ‘This is good, it’s going to help me – Rick is the real thing’. After each hypnotherapy session, and you teaching me how to hypnotize myself – my mood, thoughts and physical symptoms got much better. I broke a negative, hopeless thinking pattern and taught myself how to heal by thinking differently. Both myself and my family saw the difference in me – the hope, the happiness and the lessening of my symptoms. I now have a desire to life a good life, and not let illness over take me. I get up every day looking forward to the day instead of dreading it. This may sound too good to be true to some people, and this process still even amazes me, but it’s real and thank you for teaching me how to put myself on the path of healing. Thank you again Rick!”

A client from Lincoln, IL

I first met Rick at a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in-service training session. As I listened to him talk about how hypnosis could help children and adults, I felt that his services could benefit me. I had tried hypnosis before for weight loss. However, it was not individualized. It was comprised of everyone listening to the same CDs. I felt it important to have a specialized program with results being more than just a lower weight on the scales.

During my first visit, Rick immediately made me feel comfortable. We have worked on many facets of my life not just one component. I always looked forward to attending my sessions.

Since my sessions with Rick and using self-hypnosis on a daily basis, I have:

·Learned to set boundaries: I now meet my personal needs and goals prior to committing to others. I had always put others ahead of myself. I have learned to say “no” and not feel guilty nor having to explain why.

·Lost weight: I made lifestyle changes: scheduled time for me, do weekly meal planning, watch food portions, and eat less fast/processed foods. With the help of my personal trainer, I am now flexible, physically stronger, and have more energy. My knee replacements are now responding to me and not the other way around. And, I am able to control my diabetes with minimum oral medication.

·Increased self-confidence/self-esteem: I had begun to second guess decisions made in the past and present. I wasn’t in a dire place; but not a happy one either. After several sessions, I began to pursue a work related educational program; I completed it. Now, I have put together personal goals and action plans that enrich my life and keeps me on track.

·A consistent positive attitude: I no longer associate with persons who deplete my time and energy socially or in the workplace. Difficult situations have also proven not to be overwhelming or unmanageable. My self-hypnosis keeps me focused and relaxed.

Self-hypnosis is a part of my daily life. On good days, it helps me to enjoy the people and scenery around me. I don’t fret about my to-do list! On bad days, it helps to keep me centered and focused on what is important.

P.M. – Bloomington

“AHHH Hypnotherapy – Rick Longstreth, has helped me through a real rough patch. Rick was able to help me dispose of the ancient clutter from the past that was consuming my mind & running my life. …for the first time in a long time I am happy with who I am.”

K. A. – Bloomington

“I was completely happy with all aspects of your services”

J.R. – Lexington

“…the other day at work I was packing and unpacking boxes and I started to feel a migraine coming on – throbbing head, upset stomach, etc. It was 11 am and I decided I’d wait until noon to go home sick so I could put in a half-day. Then I thought, what the heck, I’ll try some self-hypnosis. Lo and behold, I started to feel better, and by the time noon rolled around I was fine! “

E.N. – Lincoln

“I’m greatly satisfied with the results (of weight dissolving) so far. I see a future of wearing what I want & feeling great; less medications for health problems & a longer more satisfied life. Rick’s voice is soothing & strong when he guides you through your journey”

A. W. – Lexington

“Hypnotherapy along with prayer has helped me to realize the power of personal thought”

J. B. – Normal

“Rick – I think that you are very professional & easy to talk to”

L. H. – Gridley

“Hypnotherapy is very helpful at reducing stress!! I use self hypnosis almost daily, and find that hypnotherapy helps me relax and fall asleep more easily. I believe the techniques taught by Rick would benefit any age, male or female, no matter what your facing in life”

I. W. – Bloomington

“Rick Longstreth is a true professional. His explanation of hypnotherapy is very simple to follow, and the sessions are always full of gain for the mind, body and spirit. Because Rick is knowledgeable in western techniques, eastern technique, as well as pediatric hypnotherapy, he is very well rounded and credible. Any child or adult can plan on feeling secure taking his sessions. It’s fun, relaxing, and always full of ‘ah ha’! moments. Delight yourself and take hypnotherapy as a treat. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn about yourself in a very ‘wonderful’ way.” S.

P. – Bloomington

“The program is a wonderful way to self improve yourself. You choose what type of program, but overall you improve several other things at the same time.”

T. F. – Normal

“I’m just amazed at the power your own subconscious mind has when you tap into it and learn how to work with it. Rick teaches you exactly how to do that. I can’t thank you enough for offering myself and others this opportunity to improve our lives.”

L. P. – Clinton